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Water Proofing Solutions

Perma is manufacturer of Waterproofing Products in India since 1997 and also provide Waterproofing Solution with the Perma Waterproofing Chemiclas In India. We having Perma Waterproofing Chemicals for Waterproof your home. Our Waterproofing Construction Material is available in Liquid and powder form. We offer Waterproofing Chemicals For roof & Terrace with good quality. We also manufacture Plasticizer Waterproofing Powder , Admixture Waterproofing Chemicals , Waterproofing Construction Chemicals for Quick Setting , Crack Waterproofing Tape For Joints , SBR Polymer Waterproofing Chemical , Liquid Crystalline Waterproofing , Waterproofing Butyl Tape , Construction Waterproofing Materials for your construction.

  • Water Proofing Solution
  • Water Proofing Solution
Water Proofing Solution

Water Proofing Solution

Rs 270  / LitreGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Litre

TypeWater Proofing Compounds
CategoryCementitious Waterproofing, Waterproofing Coating
Form of ChemicalsLiquid
Packaging Size1 LTR
Packaging TypePLASTIC CAN
ColourStraw Coloured
Ph10 or plus ,minus 1
Minimum Film Forming Temperature5 degree celsius

We Manufacturer various chemicals which are used in waterproofing process in construction.

  • Perma Seal
  • Perma Guard
  • Perma Shield

Primary Uses:

  • For waterproofing terraces.
  • For arresting rising dampness.
  • For Protection of exposed reinforcing steel rods.
  • For water proofing leakages from toilet units and sunk slabs.
  • For water proofing damps walls.
  • As an effective paint additive.
  • For waterproofing porous plaster surfaces.


Surface Preparation:

Surfaces to be treated with Perma Shield should be cleaned free from oil, grease and loose particles. All laitance and loose particles should be removed by wire brushing or mechanical scrabbling. All undulations and cracks should be made good using Perma Crackfill or Perma Rapid Repair system. In case of badly honeycombed surfaces, give a layer of screed or plaster to make it worthy to receive the treatment.


Directions For Use:

  • Seepages and dampness through walls.
  • Remove the entire plaster.
  • Apply one coat of plaster and cure it for 7 days.
  • Apply one coat of Barrier coat and immediately complete the second coat of plaster and cure normally.
Leakage from sunken slabs of toilets.
  • Stop the use of upper floor toilet till the dripping stops.
  • Remove the plaster or scrape the concrete.
  • If the surface to be applied is concrete only which is sound then use the surface directly.
  • Apply two Barrier coats and plaster the surface immediately.
  • Terrace waterproofing.
    On the prepared terrace, surface applies two Barrier coats or one Barrier coat followed by Plaster or IPS.
  • For the protection of exposed reinforcing steel.
  • Clean the rods and apply two Barrier coats.



  • Perma Shield is available in 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr, 10 ltr, 25 ltr & 100 ltr containers.

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Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating

Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating

Rs 708  / KilogramGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 30 Kilogram

Packaging Size30 Kg
We offer Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating chemicals to our client.

Perma Elasto Shield PU – White is a single component, VOC-compliant, ready-to-use polyurethane based hybrid liquid waterproofing membrane that is applied with a brush or stiff roller. It cures by reaction with humidity, maintains its elasticity, suitable for applications to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Perma Elasto Shield PU – White waterproofs flat roofs, pitched roofs, parapet walls, metal roof decks, terraces, etc., and provides a seamless elastomeric flexible roofing membrane that stays watertight longer than conventional seamed roofs. It will not crack, crumble, or peel despite exposure to severe weather or total joint movement. It is designed for maximum flexibility and water resistance. Upon curing Perma Elasto Shield PU – White forms a tough and flexible membrane which is resistant to a wide range of temperatures, oxidation, radiation and ultra violet rays.


  1. Completely seamless roof and extremely flexible
  2. Watertight, impact resistant , leak protection and corrosion control
  3. Being white and highly reflective surface reduces rooftop and interior temperatures
  4. Low VOC, non-toxic and environmentally compliant
  5. Perma Elasto Shield PU – White is non toxic hence complies with green building product requirement.
  6. Perma Elasto Shield PU – White is a highly elastic product and forms a rubber like membrane which is capable of withstanding severe expansion, contraction and deck movements.
  7. Perma Elasto Shield PU– White when applied adapts to any irregular surface forming a waterproof blanket.

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Construction Waterproofing Tape

Construction Waterproofing Tape

Rs 472  / Square MeterGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Square Meter

Location TypeCommercial
AreaExpansion joints of concrete
BrandPerma Expansion joints Tape
Site LocationWaterproofing tape for joint waterproofing materials,Waterproofing tape for Construction joint ,Waterproofing tape for Construction joints
ApplicationThermoplastic Elastomer based tape
Packaging SizePerma Expa Tape is available in 20 Meter roll of width 150 mm x 1 mm and 200 mm x 1 mm. Special widt
Shelf Life24 Months
We Supply Structures Joints Waterproof Tape , Waterproofing TPE Tape Waterproofing Thermoplastic Elastomer Tape For Open Joints In Structures. Perma Expa Tape is a Thermoplastic Elastomer based tape available in suitable lengths for covering expansion joints, isolation joints, weak construction joints and joints between two dissimilar building materials such as concrete and stone work or concrete and steel/PVC pipes etc. USES : Failed Expansion joints where in the sealant has failed either in or cohesion or adhesion, cause severe leakage problem in the buildings and these leakages start corroding reinforcing steel bringing down the life of the structure drastically. Similar phenomenon is observed in the joints of dissimilar building materials such as joints of concrete with steel/PVC pipes, junctions of RCC and stone slabs/blocks, many such junctions in sewage and water treatment plants, building roofs etc. Perma Expa Tape offers a permanent solution to these nagging problems. It not only water proofs these weak areas but also helps in maintaining their aesthetics and life of the structure.

Additional Information:

  • Packaging Details: Perma Expa Tape is available in 20 Meter roll of width 150 mm x 1 mm and 200 mm x 1 mm. Special widths and lengths can be organised if required.

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